One click checkout

With Rally Pay, our one-click checkout feature, returning shoppers are recognized and can breeze through your checkout.

This leads to higher conversion rates and happier customers for you.

Easy Checkout, Happy Customers

Shoppers checkout once, then one-click forever

Continuously improve conversion rate

When a shopper goes through any checkout in the Rally network once, they can buy with one-click on any other site in the network.

The Rally Pay network stores shopper details securely and allows for frictionless future checkouts. Enjoy higher conversions and delighted customers.

Upgrade to a modern buying experience

Between Amazon and Shop Pay, shoppers expect a smooth checkout experience, with as little friction as possible.

Rally allows you to leap ahead to a checkout experience that meets and exceeds shopper expectations, all without needing to change your current ecommerce platform.

Integrated with your existing stack

Rally's checkout and one-click

Streamline your operations with Rally's seamless integrations. Easily integrate Rally into your backend systems, storefront, and payment processor, ensuring a smooth workflow and enhanced efficiency. Our platform offers flexible solutions for headless, composable, and custom integrations, simplifying your integration process.

Flexible Payment Options to Empower Customer Choice

Offering a variety of payment options is crucial for maximizing conversions. With Rally, you provide your customers with the freedom to choose their preferred payment methods at checkout. Whether it's credit cards, digital wallets, or alternative payment solutions, Rally supports a wide range of options, delivering a seamless and convenient checkout experience.

Rally doesn’t stop there

We know it takes a lot to make your store seamless, so we have other great things to give you as well :)

Fraud Protection
Optional fraud protection plans to keep your payments even more secure.
Stay on top of your data with analytics dashboards.
Buy Now Buttons
One-click buy now buttons available for any and all of your product pages.
Checkout Links
Create links to pre-populated checkout pages and checkout from anywhere.
Versatile Design
Display the perfect checkout design based on your customer's device.
Your Payment Processor
Works with Stripe, Braintree, Adyen,, and others.

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