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The future of checkout for BigCommerce merchants

May 19, 2023

Slow site speeds, too many form fields, and a drawn-out account creation process are just a handful of the factors that contribute to losing would-be customers right at checkout. 

At Rally, we believe that the checkout experience is the most important part to get right, and we are the only full-page checkout solution with one-click functionality and post-purchase offers for BigCommerce. This means happier customers, more conversions, and higher average order values.  

In this post, we’re going to walk through what you can do with Rally along with the top features and benefits. 

  • Why it is time to take back control of your checkout
  • What Rally Pay means for BigCommerce merchants
  • Increase average order value by 12% with Post-Purchase Offers
  • Ready to get started with Rally?

Why it is time to take back control of your checkout 

When you are just starting out as an ecommerce entrepreneur, the fact that you can spin up a store on BigCommerce quickly with a full tech stack is amazing.  However, once you cross $1 million in annual revenue and are scaling rapidly, the loss of conversion at checkout hurts even more.
For instance, tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You’re losing customers (and orders) to a competitor with Shop Pay. 
  • Your customers are ordering on Amazon rather than direct. 
  • Your Facebook and Instagram ads that used to work well are down 30% or more since all of the changes that rolled out in 2021. So, now you are spending more money on ads but have even less to show for it. 
  • And, settling for checkout alternatives doesn't allow for the brand control that establishes trust among shoppers and that marketing teams love. 

While there's so much you can't control in ecommerce, with Rally on BigCommerce, you can control the point of conversion, which has a massive impact on profitability. 

Rally is the only full-page checkout solution for BigCommerce. It is not just a button or popup, but a complete replacement of your checkout.  

More importantly, our deep integration with BigCommerce means you don’t have to worry about switching payment processors or any of your existing apps or workflows breaking.  

What Rally Pay means for BigCommerce merchants 

With Rally Pay, a customer can make a purchase in a matter of seconds instead of spending several minutes navigating the native, accordion-style checkout experience on BigCommerce.

Here’s an example of how this works.  

Let’s say you have an apparel company catering primarily to Gen Z shoppers. You saw promising results with a recent TikTok ad campaign, and are ready to 5x your ad budget knowing that you now have a lightning-fast, seamless mobile checkout experience with Rally. 

A shopper sees your TikTok ad, goes through the checkout, inputs their data (email, shipping address, credit card info), and completes the checkout in seconds. If the shopper opted into Rally Pay, then we save all of their info in our vault, so next time they buy, they don't have to input any of this information again.  

Now, when that vaulted shopper returns to buy from you again, Rally recognizes them as soon as they input their email address on the first step of the checkout. They authenticate with an SMS code, and then head straight to the final step. The shopper can quickly review all their info and complete the purchase with one-click. Not a single form field has to be filled out. 

Unlike other one-click solutions on the market, Rally works cross-platform and isn’t limited to one payment processor meaning as more shoppers get a better checkout experience, network effects ramp up and bring additional benefits to merchants.

Plus, all shoppers’ data is securely vaulted across the Rally network, so you'll benefit from shoppers going through any checkout in our network. 

Increase average order value by 12% with Post-Purchase Offers 

We’re seeing customers increase average order value by an average of 12% when they enable our post-purchase offers. 

These post purchase offers are one-click and happen between the checkout and order confirmation pages. So, there is no added friction and higher AOV for your brand.  

In fact, our previous checkout product processed over $2.5 billion in revenue, with $300 million coming from post-purchase offers.  

Sticking with the apparel company example above, this company might decide to create a post-purchase offer for a $7 “matching” headband or a $10 bracelet anytime someone buys a specific t-shirt brand. So, they are not only surfacing “just-in-time, usually cheaper, related products” that a shopper might want, but they are doing this when the shopper is the most primed to buy. The end result: a higher average order value. 

Ready to get started with Rally? 

The best part is you don’t need to spend months on a complicated developer build to get a seamless, unified checkout experience. 

In our experience, most BigCommerce merchants can get set up on Rally in a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on your testing process. And, our team will support you every step of the way. 

Plus, Rally works with your existing setup, including payment processors, shipping provider, shipping rules, and tracking pixels.  

Ready to streamline your checkout experience and increase average order value? You can find us on the BigCommerce App Store here or book a free demo with a member of our team.

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Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO