Feature Release: Rally Releases Coinbase Commerce

May 19, 2023

Accepting Crypto Payments is now here! 

Welcome to 2023 and with it the world of cryptocurrency! We’re super stoked to bring you Coinbase Commerce as our newest payment extension so that you can offer your customers the ability to purchase products with their favorite cryptocurrency.

What this means:

Merchants can now add the Coinbase Commerce extension to their checkout to allow shoppers to checkout using cryptocurrency. This can be added for any store. No limitations based on platform or payment processor. 

Coinbase is an add-on extension so you are required to have a credit card processor (Stripe,, Braintree, etc.) in addition to a Coinbase account. 

Why does this matter:

There are TONS of reasons why accepting a cryptocurrency on your store is beneficial. We’ve outlined a few of these benefits here for you to check out. Mostly, accepting crypto will increase your reach to new audience members, lower your transaction costs, and help combat vulnerabilities to fraud.

How to Use this:

Current Rally merchants can navigate to the extension tab in admin -> select the Coinbase tile -> install -> follow the prompts in the install modal to connect to your Coinbase account

What is the shoppers experience?:

When checking out on a store offering Coinbase Commerce, shoppers will see it as an option during the payment step below the credit card inputs, where they see options such as PayPal or Klarna . Shoppers who select Coinbase as their payment method will be brought to the Coinbase UI and follow the prompts for completing the transaction. The shopper will redirect to Rally checkout and proceed to the confirmation page. 

This is a huge step forward in terms of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, and it opens up a whole new market for businesses that are looking to tap into this growing economy. If you’re interested in getting started or need help setting this up, let us know – we are happy to help out however we can.

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Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO