Feature Release: PayPal Pay Later

May 19, 2023

🥳 PayPal Pay Later is Live!

We've been increasing our BNPL (buy now pay later) offerings for you so your customers can enjoy more options while using our Rally checkout.

Why does this matter: Customers want to be able to choose the payment solution that works best for them, and we at Rally want to give our merchants the ability to pick and choose the options that work best for their store. Customers can now select PayPal Pay Later as a payment option at checkout.

PayPal Pay Later option with Rally 1-click checkout

How you can set this up:

  • For current Rally merchants who already have a PayPal Commerce extension installed: no action needed! PayPal Pay Later will now be available to your eligible shoppers. You can disable via Checkout Config -> Payments if desired.
  • If you have not installed the PayPal Commerce extension on your storefront yet, you can add the extension via the Rally admin on the extensions tab.
  • Brand new to Rally? We're happy to have you! Setup a time with our sales team to discuss implementation and next steps to get started.

Things to note:

  • This option is currently only available for US based merchants
  • This is an add-on feature to the existing PayPal Commerce extension
  • Not available via Braintree PayPal or as a standalone extension

Don't see the BNPL option you want? We let you display express or buy now pay later options that don't have a direct integration (yet) in your Rally checkout! Your shoppers will continue to have a seamless checkout experience, regardless of their preferred payment method. If you're interested in adding this to your Rally checkout, let us know!

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Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO