Checkout from Anywhere with Checkout Links

May 30, 2023

Checkout Anywhere with Rally: Streamline Your Sales Process with Checkout Links.

The sales funnel can feel cumbersome. Customers often weave through numerous pages before completing a purchase. Rally introduces Checkout Links, designed to streamline this process.

Checkout Links enable a direct path to a pre-filled checkout page for your product. No more meandering through product and cart pages. Straight to checkout - simple, swift, and efficient, aligning with the essence of online shopping.

Incorporate Checkout Links everywhere. Emailing about a product launch? Include the checkout link. Advertising a trending item on Instagram? Direct them to checkout. This tool amplifies your sales capabilities.

This is only the beginning. More user-friendly features for Checkout Links are coming soon, enhancing your selling experience further.

If you're a Rally user, this feature awaits you in your admin panel, requiring no additional steps. If you're new to Rally, fear not – sign up today and utilize Checkout Links instantly.

Don't wait. Simplify your sales funnel and elevate your selling prowess with Rally's Checkout Links.

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Jordan Gal
Founder / CEO